OMG Squeeee I Can’t Wait!!!

It looks like the link is going to stay ugly even though I did exactly what the little blue ‘link’ button said to do. Whatever. The important thing is that you all make your way to the blog and at the very least read the posts from 11:30-32. Bill Condon says that they added a bit from Midnight Sun to address Edward’s self-loathing…as per OMRob’s suggestion, of course. I Can Not Wait to see what they pulled and how they play it!


Click here for blog!

Whew, I’m glad it’s only 2 weeks away. If I’d learned this a month ago I’d be losing it (more than I already am).

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2 Responses to “OMG Squeeee I Can’t Wait!!!”

  1. DragonWife says:

    How cool! It will be fun to see what they added… Edward is pretty mopey during the pregnancy.

    Also, I fixed your link and added this to the “Breaking Dawn Movie” category!

    • Daizy says:

      Haha, I know Edward’s an easy mark when it comes to the brooding. I think that during the pregnancy he should totally get a pass for it. That would be a very good time to show some flashbacks from Midnight Sun though!

      And, of course you did and I thank you for that :)

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